Sunday, January 31, 2010


Its been a week since I last posted and I feel bad. Moreso, for not visiting you all, my blog friends, so in the next couple of days i'll try to catchup, see you soon at your place!
Pic from here.


  1. lol...gotta admit..I have seen this print so many times on so many blogs..this one was refreshing to read! lol thanks for the laugh x

  2. haha Cyma you are right!!!
    Nice variation on the old theme!! Well I have been a little under the weather and not visiting as much as I'd like... Have a great week xx Julie

  3. Love this! We are all way too hard on ourselves for not visiting each other. Why do we feel guilty if we disappear for a while? It's such a caring environment isn't it! Everyone understands how busy life is. A-M xx

  4. Hey don't sweat it just sounded like you were in confessional.

    take it easy

  5. Im the same, and sometimes I just dont have anything exciting to write about.

    But hey I will still be your friend if you be mine!


  6. Hi Cyma - just wanted to say thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a lovely comment, I am thrilled. Love that version of the print above - certainly keeping it real :) - Tina.


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