Sunday, March 21, 2010

On the Shopping List

Ninja Hooks for my son's room ($19.95)

These gorgeous frames from Robert Gordon ($29.95 each)

Chalkboard Napkin rings ($63.36 for a set of four)

Bone China Angel Wings for my daughter's room ($340)


  1. What gorgeous 'shopping list' items Cyma! I love those frames, but you know what I am going to say ...Yep - thrift store and a tin of coloured paint :) Love the gorgeous angel wings and what a fabulous and creative use of ninja stars - so cool for boys!! Hope you have a wonderful day ~ Tina x

  2. CYMA! I want those frame and I think I could make some of those napkin rings. Hang on! Who am I kidding. Time to make napkin rings? NO WAY! They are fantastic.

  3. I just love everything Robert Gordon produces. These frames are no exception.

  4. Oh Cyma,
    I love all of it !!
    Those hooks for your son's room are just brilliant.....the frames, beautiful and who could resist the angel wings. Gorgeous, Cyma. XXXX

  5. Ok those ninja hooks are awesome -- have to see if I can find those over here for my nephews!


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