Sunday, March 14, 2010

Bird Themed Party!

I am planning my daughter's fourth birthday party these days, and as much as I would like to have a Alice In Wonderland Theme (she loved the movie), I think she and her friends should atleast be five to fully enjoy all that it would entail. So far there is a tie between a rubber ducky party or a birdie party, with a love heart themed, pink and red party close behind. And just today I came across these lovely pictures of a birdie party with red and pink theme, I simply love all the details, perfect for a little girl!

Check out more lovely pictures from this party here!


  1. how cute is that! can't wait to see your alice in w/l party!

  2. Very cute. Check out they might be able to help with some of the theming.


  3. Oh lovely! If my daughter went to a party like that, I'd never dare to invite the hostess' child back to my place.

  4. Oh my gosh, I would think that was heaven If I were a child....hey even

  5. I love the idea of the birdy party. By the way my new blog address is xx

  6. Cyma that table is fabulous! I'd like it for my birthday ;o)
    Diana x

  7. Cyma
    Welcome back!!! Missed seeing you around...

    Well this birthday party would surely make any little girl happy... a good dose of pink would be perfect at their age... I'm sure whatever you do it will be fun and pretty as a picture... See you soon.. xx Julie

  8. Welcome back! Ah what a divine birthday party! love all that pink xx

  9. this is gorgeous! my daughter wants a circus theme this year. She will be turning 5, yikes.

  10. Oh Cyma,
    You daughter will be so happy if you do a party like that. It all looks gorgeous. She is one lucky girl to have a mum like you. XXXX

  11. Simply lovely! Good luck with your daughters birthday party!!

    xo's Kristin

  12. oh and Cyma... must try these little sugar cube flowers... I thought they were so pretty!

  13. BIRDIE, hands-down. You could tie it in with a tea party if your little one is into it...this can be done with very very young kids...just make the food kid-friendly and have some games ready.

    I like the rubber ducky party but the "funny" factor of all the rubber duckies might actually go over better at a slightly older age than hers.

    Adorable ideas...I liked them both.

    Mel at Theme a Party


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