Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Cute things for the kitchen!

Won't these look pretty on a kitchen wall or maybe even in the dinning room? They are quite well priced at $55. I adore the blue and white ones. Which ones do you like?

You can get these beauties here!


  1. Oh - these are just lovely! I have a life time fascination with butterflies! I've been collecting them since I was 14

  2. I like the grey and white ones. It's good to see a bit of colour on a blog, for a change !!! XXXX

  3. Cyma I'm so glad you found me, because now I've found you!

    Beautiful picture sets and lovely taste.

    The china is so unique, I have not seen that before!

    I'm adding you to my blog roll xxx

  4. I think I would like a wall covered with either all different blue and white ones, or all florals. Very clever.
    Clare x

  5. What a fantastic idea - I think they all look quite striking.


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