Friday, July 3, 2009

Yay! it’s the weekend

The last week has been a real juggling act with my family visiting from overseas (so being a tourist guide), kids school holidays, approving product samples for my home wares line, and trying to learn the technicalities of blogging and this image best depicts my current state.


Have a relaxing weekend everyone!



  1. Isn't that a great picture. I've often felt like that !!!! I remember when my children were that age ( they are now 30 and 28 ) and they used to end up under the table, in restaurants, fast asleep. Hope the weather picks up. You'll never believe it but it's scorching, here in the U.K. XXXX

  2. The little boy in front is how I feel now! The little boy at back, is how I felt at work all week!! Great pic.. Hope your weekend gives you a 'pick me up'! Julie

  3. Cannot wait to see your homewares.... x

  4. What a great photograph. Poor little thing...he is so tired.

  5. Thanks for posting our photo! I love your blog, so amazing!
    xoxo cat


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