Sunday, July 19, 2009

Gorgeous Table Setting!

You have it probably figured out that I love the colour yellow and I instantly fell in love with this beautiful tablescape. I love the colours used here.

How simple and lovely are these petals hung from the chandelier..

Read all bout it here.


  1. How cheery. Love the little lollies thrown everywhere.

  2. Yellow is such a cheery summery colour isn't it, and doesn't blue sit well with yellow ? It all makes me feel very happy!! XXXX

  3. You always have such cheery bright images my darling. Just lovely!xxx

  4. Love the yellow. Such a happy look!

  5. I love it.. I should use more yellow :)

  6. That is absolutely gorgeous! I love yellow, very versatile colour when used right!

  7. very beautiful colors! i'd love to decorate like taht next time when i hold a dinner party. thank you for inspiration!

    have a lovely weekend!

  8. Lovely pictures. that's a co-incidence, I was just thinking the other day about doing a post based on yellow!
    Lovely blog and hope you are feeling better now.

  9. What an amazing table collections!! Check out this one too for Table.


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