Sunday, August 23, 2009

Birthday Party Details

As promised here are my daughter's third birthday party pictures. Her birthday party went very well except for a few hickups, but everyone had a real fun day and I guess in the end thats all that matters.
Since we had over 70 guests we had a formal sit down dinner at a restaurant. The place was huge so decorating it wasn't very easy. We set up the candy buffet and the cake cutting tables outside under fairy lights, lanterns and pom-poms and it looked beautiful, but sadly it started to rain and we had to move and setup everything (in 15 minutes) inside just before the guests arrived. Never trusting Melbourne weather again. So the tables couldn't be set up exactly like I had planned and the pom-poms couldnt be hung exactly on top of the candy buffet but all in all the place looked pretty amazing and the kids just loved the candy buffet.

I used Cristina Re's paper for the invites and went along with the same design for the rest of the decorations too. I also used personalised stamps and printed Cristina Re's design on the envelopes. I asked the guests to come dressed in the theme colours (green and blue) and almost all of them did and it looked great.

Here are some details:
Click to enlarge pictures..


Door Sign:

Wish Box

Delicious Birthday Cake By Kellie of Sweet Treats

Candy Buffet


  1. Great to see you back here Cyma! I think I've got my blogroll sorted with the new address so I can keep up to date with your updates! Your daughter's birthday looked like a lot of girly fun! I bet she had the best day!


  2. What a gorgeous looking birthday party. She is a very lucky girl.x

  3. Hi Cyma,
    I think that I must apologise to you for not coming over to see you for a while.
    I don't know what happened. The same as Searching for Sporadic Suprises, I think. So sorry. You are going in my sidebar, right now!!!
    Anyway, your daughters party looked like the best party a 3 year old could have.....and she's at the age where she can just about understand it.....wait 'till Christmas !!!!!!

  4. Looks fabulous!! Love the colours !! x

  5. How brave of you to have 70 guests and the occasion looks utterly gala. What a lucky three-year old!

    I'd love to see a photo of the framed dresses you mentioned over at my blog if you had a chance sometime to post one...?

  6. Wow, what a lucky girl. I love the butterfly bubbles.

  7. I wish I was there.. the Cupcakes look delicious..

    Lucky little girl..

  8. So so lovely...thank you for your sweet comment on my blog...I adore your daughters sweet party...everything is amazingly lovely and so well thought out...pure inspiration. I hope it was a lovely day...your daughter is one lucky girl...she will have memories of this party forever! Happy week to to add my name to your list of followers!

  9. What a lovely party!!! All the details are wonderful. Your daughter is one lucky girl! And it's good to see you back blogging. Hope all is well. :)

  10. What a fab party, wonderful set up. The butterfly bubbles look so sweet.


  11. Welcome back! I've missed your posts! The party looks spectacular, I love the candy table it looks amazing. xxx

  12. HI Cyma
    Welcome back. Need your burst of colour in my life. I love your daughters party, blue & green my favourites!! I also don't seem to have you in my blogroll and will rectify that pronto!! xx Julie

  13. wow, what a great party for the little one! Love the invites and cupcakes, even the colour dress theme... oh but all that work you did - too stressful for me I'm afraid! Good on you!


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