Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Candy Buffet

We are celebrating our daughter's third birthday in a couple of weeks. She is already three, but we didn't celebrate at that time as my mum was planning to visit us, she lives overseas and is finally here now. Miss 3 had some amazing suggestions--not (like having a dora themed party) but we finally agreed on a colour-themed (a bit of me) butterfly(a bit of her) party. The colours are green and blue (pastels). We would be having a candy buffet and these are the images I'm using as inspiration.

Pictures: Amy Atlas,Farfalla Wedding,Weddlady, Blisstree


  1. Candies!!! I'm addicted to candies and the sweet. I love jelly belly mixed flavs...

  2. I love the paper bunting and the glass candy jars.

  3. Gorgeous pics! I'm loving your new blog!!

  4. Oh my! How many candies here!
    Your blog is sooooo cute!


  5. Oh love lollies. So pretty! Wish i was 3 xx

  6. What a brilliant post - the images are just amazing. Have you come across the food artist Martine Camillieri before? Her candy buffets are just amazing as well. Here's a link to her webpage if your interested; http://www.martinecamillieri.com/comestible.html


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