Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Alice in Wonderland!

I know most of you have already seen these images from the famous Vogue US December 2003 photoshoot Alice in Wonderland, but I just had to record these in my blog too as it's my all time favourite editorial. I would be redoing my workspace in shades of blue very soon, and these pictures would definitely be going on my inspirational board!

This one's my favourite

Vogue US
Photographer Annie Leibovitz


  1. Thank you so much Cyma for posting the whole editorial. I have only actually seen the image with them all around the table. Quite amazing!

  2. My favourite is the last image - gorgeous!x

  3. This caught my eye whilst at Weekend H. Love Annie's work, cool site too.

  4. What wonderful and creative shots! I love your blog sweetie! Come stop by and see the best wedding video montage ever...

  5. Never seen them before. I love it.

    Thank you for sharing. I like the one with the big best! :P


  6. This was one of my fave spreads! I'm such a Natalia Vodanova fan.

  7. The pics are perfect for my web site...


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