Thursday, June 25, 2009

Cristina Re's Gorgeous Home!

I was just going through an old issue of Madison magazine and came across this lovely feature about stationery designer Cristina Re. I remember I loved the interior of her beautiful melbourne house. I adore the use of reds and pinks and also the bold splashes of yellow and blue. Excuse the quality of these scans, hope you'll enjoy these pictures!

Click for larger view..

Love the mismatched chairs

Have a lovely weekend !

First six pictures from Madison July 2007, photography Sharyn Cairns

Last two pics


  1. I'm loving everying in that dining area. The wallpaper looks great behind that huge, fabulous mirror and the mix and match chairs are sweet also. If you look carefully through all these images you can pick out so many interesting items eg the hanging picture in '182' looks intriguing. Have a great weekend.

  2. Thank you for stopping by my blog, itn't it a gorgeous home!! I love the richness of the reds & how warm it feel's.

  3. Love this stylish yet unique style. I adore the eclectic and feminine look!! x Hope you have had a lovely weekend! x

  4. I remember seeing this article. Love her style too.

  5. I purchased the Madison Living book a few months ago and this was one of my favourite features as well. Really sweet little vignettes all throughout her home.

  6. I love the lounge room, I remember seeing these before and thinking I would one day try it but really I don't think I am anywhere near brave enough, I'd mess it up and it would end up looking awful!


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