Thursday, June 11, 2009


I love stripes, specially in black and white. I have quite a few pieces in my own home in this lovely pattern. I'm thinking about covering my home's entrance walls in black and white striped wall paper. I just hope with all the black and white going on in my home (stripes, zebra print, polka dots, you name it), the wall paper won't make us all dizzy!

I bought this lamp only because of the striped shade.

Pics 1-4 Stephen Shubel Design viaDesire to Inspire
Pic 5 Metropolitan Home
Pic 6 Absolutley beautiful things
Pic 7 Urban outfitters
Pic 8 Domino
Pic 9 My Home


  1. Oh i adore stripes too - especially black and white!!

    My poor husband has so many stripes in his closet - all my responsibility. Its a gorgeous obsession, so who cares!!

    Thank you for your comment too.

    Would love to see your home wares line, i am opening an online store very soon!!

  2. These are beautiful images. I think that stripes make a strong but strong statement in a house. I wish that my bedroom looked like the second image!


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