Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tea Too!

I love this shop, although I drink only breakfast tea, still I like to pop in T2 to check out their huge variety of tea. I adore their displays and specially their pretty teacups.

I bought six of these gorgeous teacups yesterday for $108, now I'm looking for some pretty plates to go with these!


  1. I just love all things tea & teapots too!
    I have a very new blog - Organic Market Magic - which is just in the starting stages, but you can check out my range of tea that I blend myself & sell at the markets & online. www.organicmarketmagic@blogspot.com or www.healingconcepts.com.au
    Love your blog!!!!!

  2. oh those teacups are too gorgeous! I'm having a little 'high tea' with some girlfriends of mine in 2 weeks, so might have to stock up on some more teacups and saucers. I have the top teapot/teacup in another design - perfect for when sitting blogging! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. I love t2 as well!! I bought my mum a teapot and teacup in the last pic in the glass range. Just too fabulous in there! So many choices....

  4. Am furiously searching for my nearest t2! I want those gloriously fabulous tea cannisters...


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