Sunday, September 6, 2009

CHEK Homewares

A lot of you have asked and shown interest in my homewares range (thankyou!!!) and want to know a little bit more about it. Well I'll share full details with you all in a few weeks as we are hoping to launch our brand very soon, but to share a tinsy bit of info....I have designed hand block printed cushions, tablecloths, napkins, placemats, paper-products and bed-linen. We are launching with the cushions and tablewares with the upholstery fabric, paper-products and bed linen to follow later. It has taken me almost one year to design and source the best possible fabric and artisans, which is a really long time considering I grew up in a country where we still go to tailors to get our clothes stitched and all embroidery, dyeing, printing etc is done by hand so I have grown up surrounded by and appreciating the workmanship of these skilled artisans. For our launch collection the colours are indigo, pink and ofcourse yellow!

Also huge congrats to Kate and Mia (The Enchanted Closet) on the opening of their second store. I visited their store on Saturday and its gorgeous, from the lovely things they stock and display ever so beautifully, to the amazing detail in their store interior (specially the pink striped wall). I bought a fabulous pink skirt for my daughter which has such a vibrant colour and ruffles and layers..just the way it should be..Wish you every success Kate and Mia!



  1. stunning photos - good luck with the launch, i'm looking forward to hearing all the details!

  2. Hi Cyma
    Gorgeous collages. I love the top as it has my favourite blue. Good luck with the upcoming launch and thank you so much for your kind comments over my way.
    Take Care x Julie

  3. These are so very gorgeous Cyma! When exactly are you launching? GOOD LUCK!!!


  4. Good for you Cyma! I can't wait till your store opens!!! L xx

  5. I look so forward to your homewares...congratulations! I adore these lovely collages...I could look at them all day...beautiful colours! Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog!

  6. Oh wow, that is fabulous Cyma! Look forward to seeing the collection. Love your collages.

    That was lovely that you could go and see the opening of the second EC. It all sounded so pretty. They posted some cool pic's of the store.

  7. All the very best to you Cyma, stick close to your wonderful talents and don't change your tastes as they are wonderful!

  8. This is such exciting news! Best of luck to you with the launch. I look forward to it! All of these images are gorgeous, by the way.


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