Monday, September 7, 2009

World Map Feature Wall

I am currently re-doing my son's room who has just turned eleven. The colours which we have chosen are black and light blue with pops of bright red. I liked white with red and blue for a boy's room but then I think if it's black and blue he might be happier with it through to his teens. I would love to do a wall like this, any ideas where I can get such a huge map, is it a wallpaper?

The only thing I could find so far is this decal which won't look as good.


  1. hmmm
    It's great isn't it.... I know I have seen a source somewhere before but don't remember where. Let you know if I find it. Julie

  2. I think the first one is just fabulous, I do that. Have no idea though were to source that.Screen printers maybe.

  3. Ah what a fabulous idea for an eleven year old!

  4. Sounds Great Cyma! I can't wait to see what you decide!
    Try this website for a contact (these people supply the world map wallpaper that is seen in the Flight Centre fitouts!)
    Also, I recently specified a fake grass rug for a little boy's room in a residential extension and he loves it! Plus it can be rolled up and moved away when they want too. That would go well with your green, black and white theme too. You can get less expensive versions from hardware stores.

  5. Hi Cyma,
    Thanks for dropping by my blog ... got me to dicover your beautiful blog as well ... it was lovely to hear from you and hope it'll be often .... :)

  6. Cyma on my blog's side bar I have two maps I use . check the sizes and contact me if interested. My email is on products/top of the blog .

  7. Oh it will be lovely...good luck in finding a map that large or wallpaper..all I can think is Ikea which has a huge canvas map of the is pretty big...wall size! His room will be amazing!

  8. I completely understand your pain! We all dream of uncovering a gigantic vintage school map, but alas, I think all those discoveries have already been discovered!

    Best of luck on your hunt, I'm sure it will be fabulous xx

  9. I just put a map like this up in my nephew's bedroom! I think it is the same one. It comes as 8 pieces of wallpaper. I found it on the Urban Outfitter's website:
    It is called the World Map Wall Mural. It looks so great in person, you could sit in there forever and never get bored! I posted pictures of us hanging it on my blog:
    It is a fun project!

  10. I have always seriously wanted to do this. I just love it.

  11. Hi Cyma,
    Firstly, if you go over to, Cate has done a post on maps and maybe she could help you.
    Secondly, I am so sorry that I have neglected you.As you know, I had the wrong information for you in my sidebar and I have only just rectified it. I'm so sorry. Can you please find it in your heart to forgivr me ??!!!! XXXX

  12. If you are after a less permanent than wallpaper, I have just put up IKEA's big world map canvas in my sons' room and it looks fantastic. The wallpaper is pretty special though - I just have a wallpaper phobic husband!!!
    Clare x

  13. Cyma! I saw on Design Sponge last night that she had a post on a framed world map. It made me think of you!

  14. I love the map wallpaper but I ended up buying a super big laminated map that takes up the entire wall in my son's room and it looks pretty good plus I can move it if we move. Thank you so much for coming last Saturday!xxx

  15. Hi again,
    I go the map from the Map Store at Harbour Town on the Gold Coast when we were up there. It's a little speciality store just out out of the mail shopping centre xxx

  16. Hi Cyma,
    I just saw this and thought of you!


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