Monday, September 21, 2009

Today I'm loving...

Blue and White Rugs

I love blue and white china, blue and white ginger jars, cushions but most of all I'm loving blue and white rugs these days.

Pics here, here and here


  1. me too! blue and white all the way! why are some colour combinations just so irresistible?


  2. OH Cyma
    It started out with ooh.. then became ooooh
    but by #4 it was oooooohhh me want now!!
    these are all wonderful and blues and stripes should be in the same sentence [hehe] but #4...
    i really need this chair... this lamp.. and that rug!! please tell Santa.. surely xmas isn't that far away... xx Julie

  3. Hi there sweetie,

    Love this post, gorgeous photo's, blue and white so cool and chic.

  4. These are lovely, Cyma. Blue isn't always a colour that I would choose but these look great. I love the first one. That room is soooo me. XXXX

  5. Ah i too love blue and white... Especially in stripes!

  6. and white is just the perfect match...I adore those two together and your rugs ar lovely today! Thanks for visiting me and leaving a comment!

  7. Gorgeous rugs! So fresh, Have a sweet day! x

  8. These are all gorgeous rugs - I'd have any of them in my house! Lee :)

  9. interesting- I've been searching for a great rug for my bedroom- and this started me in a whole different direction

  10. Loving to death the blue and white lounges. Somethings gotta give?!? That is one of my fave movies because I LOVE THAT HOUSE!!!! You and I must have been seperated at birth :)


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