Monday, April 5, 2010

Indian Elephant Birthday Party

Prudent Baby is one of my favourite blogs and a daily must read for me. Admittedly I have never tried the clever DIY and crafty ideas that they share everyday, only because I'm lazy like that, however I love looking/reading what the clever girls have been upto.
Here are some very sweet pictures of a 2nd birthday party for lucky girl Scarlet, which will give you a taste of all the creativity and fabulousness that is Prudent Baby.


  1. Oh Cyma I love all the little elephants.. what a happy birthday look!!
    Hope your Easter was fabulous!!! xx Julie

  2. Oh I could only dream of ever having a party that beautiful! Such detail and so inspiring! Heading over there to drool over their blog. A-M xx

  3. Dear Cyma,
    Sorry that I'm late. I had an arguement with an oyster and lost !!
    What a wonderful birthday party. How clever. The bright colours are just right for a 2 year old. There are such clever people out there, aren't there ? XXXX

  4. What a fabulously creative idea...and SO cute!

  5. Oh NICE...I really like the chevron elephants...too cute!

    Jen Ramos


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