Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sixth pic!

I have been tagged by the lovely Yahnay (Coco Pearl) to share the sixth pic I posted on my blog. I was not sure wether to participate in this game or not, but when I looked at the sixth pic that I posted, it wasn't any cringe-worthy pic from my failed attempts of creating a vignette but a picture which is still in my favourites folder. So here it is from a post I did on my love for stripes.


  1. Oh, I love Yahnay, she has a great blog! Congrats on the tag, and that is a GREAT picture, I love water pics, and I adore stripes!

  2. Wouldn't mind jumping into that picture right now!! Have a lovely day!


  3. Hi Cyma,
    How lucky were you to have such a lovely 6th picture. I've got to do this next post and I'm dreading what I'll find !! haha XXXX

  4. Just blogged about you and your post! Beautiful :)

  5. I had every intention of doing striped awings out the back of my place... but I ran out of dough... next time for sure! Love them. A-M xx

  6. Hi Cyma
    Sorry to be so late.. been under the weather and laying low.. and now trying to play catch up...

    Well I also have to do 6th pic and let me say .. yours is lovely.. I really want some striped awnings when i grow up.!!! beautiful.. hope you are well xxx Julie


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